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What Is Net Metering And How Does It Work

Solar panel

Green Energy, Sustainability, and Net Metering are all terms you must hear about quite often. That is because transitioning to alternative models of energy production and consumption is one of the Sustainable Development Goals. Everywhere around the world, businesses, industries, and even households are shifting towards solar energy, as it cheaper and in the long run, it is not costing us the environment.

What is Net Metering?

Net Metering is a great way to use solar energy to power your entire household and make a profit off of the surplus. That’s right, solar energy can now, not only save you money, but it can also turn into a lucrative source of passive income. This idea was introduced as an incentive to bring more people to use solar panel systems. Now it has become a coveted system for cost-effectively powering households and even large-scale industrial work in some cases.

How does it work?

In countries such as Pakistan, Solar power is created quite abundantly as we get plenty of sun in the summer months and significantly so, in the winter months. This means that even a small household can generate surplus energy by using solar panel systems which they can then share with the electric grid. This may take a while, but solar-powered houses often generate more than they can use. Once that happens instead of paying for your electricity, you can sell the electricity that you have generated to balance out your utilities.

It really is a win-win because you are using electricity that does not harm the environment without having to pay extra. And you can share the surplus to even out your costs.

In 2015, NEPRA regulations that allow DISCOs to purchase excess energy from the consumers were passed. This system was a great way of creating self-sufficient and green communities that can generate their own electricity. In a place like Pakistan where the majority of the electricity is still generated by burning fossil fuel and no proper system for hydra-energy or wind turbines exist; solar-powered households are a big step into the future. It is also a great alternative to the long-standing ‘Load-Shedding’ issue that we have faced. In the summer months, power outages are the most common and this system caters to that.

The best part is that the system allows you to turn the electricity you have provided into points i.e. credits. You can offset your monthly electricity bills significantly with these credits and over-time get paid for it. Imagine electricity but as an accounts receivable asset.

Moreover, the use of solar power systems for industrial use can have a significant impact on the environment as industrial pollution is responsible for the larger part of our emissions. Pakistan is a developing country which means that high scale production is very important to our GDP and economic growth. The industrial emissions are only going to increase as production intensifies making it even more important than a green model of energy is adopted and sooner.

How to get started?

By using a solar power system you may incur an initial expense of setting up solar panels. This is definitely an investment. There are many great solar panel providers out there that can help you. And they sure have some great services to offer. If you are living in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, DHA, or Bahria Town; Zeal Engineering is the best choice to go with.

Zeal Engineering provides state of the art solar power facilities. They provide you solar panels and setting up Net Metering grids is one of their best-selling products. They provide the best technology at affordable rates and they also provide a whopping 10-year warranty for all their solar panels. The best thing about Zeal is that they never over complicate and provide their customers with a low fixed monthly rate so that you can start generating sustainable energy at home.

The solar panels themselves are sleek, low profile with front skirts that give a clean and minimal look. The panel will not budge the aesthetic of your beautiful home in any way and that is not what any of Zeal’s competitors can claim. Traditional solar panels do look obnoxious and are quite a handful. This discourages many people from availing of the many opportunities and benefits that come with solar-powered houses. But in the case of Zeal, they really leave you no choice but to set up their solar panels and finally go green.

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