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What is climate change and how do we prevent it?

What is climate change

What is climate change?

It is an environmental condition that can result due to human activities like burning of fossil fuels and the release of carbon dioxide, methane, and other gasses in the atmosphere. Research shows that beef production is responsible for much more greenhouse gas emissions than any other agricultural produce production systems put together. And if people worldwide could reduce their daily consumption of animal products like meat, it would cut down on the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere. And these changes in the climate might not be too difficult to see in the future, especially if the world’s temperatures continue to rise as predicted.


How do we stop or slow its impacts on our planet?

There has been much debate on whether global warming is really happening or not, but what scientists are quite sure about is that these changes have been occurring for quite some time now, and they will continue to happen for as long as humans are alive.


How can we see its impacts on our planet?

One way to see these changes is through the monitoring of weather events. Over the last couple of decades, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate change (IPCC) has been providing annual reports detailing the progress made in addressing climate change. For the past twelve years, there has been a Global Temperature Index that highlights the monthly temperature records around the world.


How can we prevent its harmful effects on our environment and our society?

Several groups have been working hard to provide information on how to address the problem on a global scale. Among these include the World Wildlife Fund, Environmental Defense Fund, World Wildlife Alliance, and the World Institute for Energy Policy Research.


The rise of global temperatures has been attributed to the buildup of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. When this occurs, it causes the earth to warm, and as it does so, it also creates extra atmospheric pressure, causing the earth to continually swell. As we continue to heat up, the result is a warmer climate with more intense rain, more extreme weather events, drought, and mold.


It is a very real phenomenon that is affecting us today. As the threat of global warming becomes more severe, we can expect increasing threats to our ecosystems, to human health, and even to human lives. We can no longer rely on fossil fuels to provide the power, and we need to shift towards renewable sources of energy as soon as possible.


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