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Best Solar Panels Prices And Companies In Pakistan

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Have you ever wondered about the 20 kW solar system price in Pakistan? Do you know where to get the best solar panel prices and varieties in Pakistan? You may have debated at some point in recent years when looking at an electricity bill, whether solar energy and installing solar panels in your house is the best approach for you? Look no further. Here we have provided you with all the information you need on finding the right solar panels for you and whether or not it’s a good idea to switch to solar energy in Pakistan.

Sustainable Energy in Pakistan

In the past few years, the concept of sustainable energy consumption and clean energy has become more and more popular. There are many countries around the world working towards adopting a clean energy model. Sweden is a great example of this as it is the first country to go completely zero waste and has a world-renowned clean wind energy generation system. In Pakistan however, the focus is largely on generating solar power. We need to create solar power systems that provide electricity efficiently and ethically to support the economic development of the country. Furthermore, the electricity shortage is a pressing issue in Pakistan. Many industries and organizations are suffering from the issue of ‘load shedding’, and those that have the finances to support generators and UPS systems, are also facing enormous strain financially to keep up business amidst the power outages and interruptions.

Making the Switch

Solar energy has many benefits even if you are not living in a country that is facing an economic crisis. Solar power is abundantly available in certain regions such as Pakistan where in the summer months surplus energy can be generated to support the economy in the winter months. Institutions such as NEPRA have provided provisions for locals to make use of Net Metering technology. This technology allows you to generate electricity from solar power as well as sell the surplus against credits. This method of generating electricity is not only sustainable, but it is also lucrative.

Despite the many opportunities and benefits of Solar power, there is reluctance amongst the people of Pakistan towards adopting a solar-powered sustainable approach. One of the main concerns that people have is the price. Installing solar panels can be expensive but we assure you it is an investment. Studies show that installing solar panels will become increasingly expensive in the coming years and that right now is the best time to invest. 

Building construction is the process of adding structure to real property or construction of buildings. The majority of building construction jobs are small renovations, such as addition of a room, or renovation of a bathroom.

Affordable solar panel systems in Pakistan

A 3kw solar system price in Pakistan is only Rs. 380,000, which has the added benefit of the net metering system. This will allow you to balance your electricity bills with the surplus electricity that you have generated. Reversing additional units is a great way to cut down on your bills and you can find this great service from many solar panel providers. If you are living in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, DHA, or Bahria Town, we recommend Zeal Engineering. 

Another great way to adopt a solar power system is by investing in Zeal’s products. Zeal Engineering is providing record low prices for its solar panels and installation services. A 20K watt you can get for Rs.1,650,000 which generates 2700kwh per month, allowing you to save over Rs.50,000 per month in electricity charges. Similarly, a 15K watt solar panel system will cost you Rs. 1,299,000 and generates 2200KWH per month, which allows you to save up to Rs.36,000 every month. A 5K watt solar system price in Pakistan is much higher than the Rs.499,000 that Zeal Engineering is offering. The 5K watt solar panel system generates 700KWH per month, allowing you to save up to 12,000 PKR in electricity bills. These prices are astonishingly low given that Zeal takes care of all the installation as well as providing you a battery and a net metering inverter. 

There are special offers being held every season which provide customers a great opportunity to get top quality solar panel systems and net metering services at amazingly discounted prices. At the moment, Zeal Engineering is offering special prices for summer 2020, which allows you a good bargain on the 20, 15, and 5K watt solar panel systems. 

Zeal provides its customers with unique services, aside from the initial installation such as net metering, and monitoring of your solar systems through user-friendly apps. The monitoring systems allow you to enjoy the peace while your solar panel system operations are overseen by Zeal Engineering. Zeal practices rigorous testing which allows its solar panels to outperform its competitors by up to 10 years. During installation, they cover all roofing work and system repairs at no extra cost, so that you may have a support system to fall back on for the investment you made. 

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