Solar Domestic Solutions

Solar Domestic Solutions

Zeal engineering Company offers complete On-grid and off-grid power solutions. With UB Solar energy solutions, you may keep the heat at night time and revel in power even once the grid goes down. we provide a different variety of complete electrical device installation choices, together with the following:

• Pole Mount       •Ground        •Mount Rooftop

Our UB Solar Renewable Company is not here to just sell our product and services. As a part of our mission, we would like to freely provide data and facilitate others to study the advantages of inexperienced energy. If you have any questions about solar panels and solar products please don’t hesitate to just click on the contact button and contact us feel free. Our Services are available 24/7 in a week.

The roof is the best location for electrical device installation. it always already has the structural specifications that the star panels need. All that’s required is mounting hardware and applicable flashings. If the roof isn’t applicable or desired, varied different mounting choices area unit out there, together with shade or ground-mount choices.

When you are able to generate even a lot of power. We’re ready to add extra panels to fulfill your power desires. extra panels might need upgrades to your electrical converter, battery bank, and main bus. Zeal engineering handles all of those upgrades quickly and expeditiously.

If you need to upgrade or a new roof installed then we temporarily remove your array and just in few hours reinstall it to make it easy for you and your roofers.