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How Can Solar Net-Metering Benefits You

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Renewable energy is the requirement of the day due to the impending threat of climate change. It is any source of energy that isn’t depleted from using and can be renewed such as wind and solar energy. Solar energy systems are increasingly popular in Pakistan because of the growing awareness of clean energy.

As solar power is the most abundant renewable source of energy, solar power systems sometimes create more power than the daily capacity of the houses or buildings that they are installed in. Net metering or Net Energy Metering (NEM) is a form of an incentive system that helps store this surplus power in the grid that can then be used as credit. In this way, every building that has access to a solar panel can create solar powers generated electricity which poses no threat to the environment and earn revenue by selling their excess solar generated electricity to the grid.

Initially, the installation of a net metering system would be more expensive than using a traditional system. In a period of 3 years, the solar generated surplus electricity would be used as a credit against the consumer’s electricity consumption which will result in a return on investment. This is especially beneficial due to the steady spike in the cost of electricity and the decrease in the cost of solar panels and solar energy systems in recent years. Countries such as Iceland, Denmark, Costa Rica, and Sweden are leading the way for renewable energy.

In 2015 NEPRA regulations allow the DISCO’s in Pakistan can purchase the surplus electricity in exchange for electricity consumption. Net Metering was introduced as a solution to the problem of load shedding which had a grave impact on the economic growth and development of Pakistan in the years leading up to the NEPRA regulations.
Zeal Engineering Services is one of the best companies in Pakistan that provide its clients with energy and construction related solutions. They provide quality solar energy systems such as solar power kits, solar water pumping, and most importantly net metering systems. Zeal Engineering Net Metering is affordable, generates clean energy that doesn’t harm the planet and whilst saving on your utility bills.

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